30 in 30: An Update

As I turned 30 in December, I wrote a list of 30 things I wanted to achieve in my 30th year.  I’m now just over half way in my thirtieth year, and this is a catch up of how well I’m doing at achieving what I set out to do.

1) Read 30 books:  

Not a great start, so far I’ve read the 6 books listed below.  I have however just placed an order this week for 8 more books which have really taken my fancy – which mostly happen to be more books on murderers!

* Beautiful: Katie Piper  *  The Profession of Violence: John Pearson  *  Miss Bangkok, Memoirs of a Thai Prostitute: Bua Boonmee & Nichola Pierce  *  When Breath Becomes Air: Paul Kalanithi  *  Prescription for Murder: Brian Whittle & Jean Ritchie *  Humble Pie: Gordon Ramsey *

2) Watch Billy Elliott at the Theatre

It was AMAZING!  I can’t wait to go back to the theatre now and see another show.

Billy Elliott Southampton

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3) Give blood 3 more times

I gave blood in January, and am booked in again in July so I’m on track for 3 donations 🙂

blood donation

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4) Visit 5 new countries

None yet, and none booked, but we have been to Ibiza and are heading to Mallorca in September, so we will at least be exploring more of Spain.

Sunset at San Antoni Ibiza

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5) Spend a day at a spa

It seems like I’ll never find the time for a spa break – I am at least making more time for the beauty salon.

6) Go to Longleat:

Still waiting…

7) Go to 5 gigs

My back was too bad for me to go to the Craig David gig that I booked last year, which was crap.  I have booked tickets for Pete Tong and the Heritage Orchestra though for my Birthday which I am SUPER excited for!

8) Go to two big festivals

Summer season is in full swing – we’re counting down the days till our Creamfields VIP trip which includes Dreamfields camping.  So excited!

9) Start learning to fly

Still to do.

10) Eat Oysters & drink champagne for tea

I drank champagne on a school night with pasta when Mum was told she didn’t have cancer.  Best dinner ever!

11) Phone a different person each week for a catch up 

Maybe not every week, but I’m certainly getting more frequent with the calls which is a good thing.

12) Finish renovating our Spanish house

Geeze – will this ever be finished.  We’re making steady progress. I doubt it will be finished in 2017 though!

Pego Master Bedroom

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13) Try at least 15 new foods

Nothing sticks out in my memory, but I’ve tried at least a few new flavours.  I did try some funny tasting tapas balls the other evening.

14) Visit my family in Wales

A trip to Wales is still needed.

15) Cook a new meal each week


I’m trying hard.  Still a salad sort of girl though.  I can’t be arsed with cooking.

16) Buy something for myself without worrying about the cost

I still worry…..

17) Run 10km

Not even close but I’m signed up for a 5km run for Myaware in October.

18) Raise £300 for charity

See 17.

19) Visit our plot of land in the Lake District

We’re planning to do this on our trip to Creamfields in August.

20) See my sister at least 10 times each

Probably nearly there already, and I’m due to see them both next week, too 🙂

21)  Dress up and go somewhere fancy each month

Definitely need to do this.  I don’t think I’ve been anywhere fancy even once, yet.

22) Do something that scares me

I’ve been to scared so far 😉

23) Have 3 alcohol free months

I was sober all of January, and half of May, until a good friend and a good bottle made me crack.  I’m now on day 16 of my second 4 week stint, and I reckon the 3rd month will follow in November.

24) Touch my Toes

I’ve never been able to do it and I fear I never will.

25) Learn 100 words in Sign Language

I’m doing better at Spanish at the moment.  Theres still time, though.

26) Successfully keep a plant alive

Looks like I’ld be hungry if supermarkets weren’t invented.

27) Drink another St Regis Bloody Mary

I’ve booked flights to Mallorca for this very reason, and cannot wait to visit the St Regis Mardavall.

28) Watch a sporting match live

Still to do.

29) Plan another awesome holiday

We’re talking Sri Lanka at the moment.  It looks like it will be some time in 2018.

30) Do something special for a stranger

I’m pretty happy with the nice things I do for others.  I don’t feel the need to write it here, but its one area I know I’ve definitely achieved.

There are still a few more ticks needed, but all in all, I don’t think I’m doing too badly.


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