The World has 196 (ish) Countries to Explore!

Tonight, I read the blog of Julie Falconer,, a blogger has visited nearly 100 countries. What an achievement!

It made me wonder, just how many countries there are in the world? I thought about how many countries we have already visited, and how many are left for us still to discover.

A quick google search revealed there are 196 countries, give or take, depending on current political situations, and whether you decided if Taiwan is a country in its own right, or not.

Darren and I wrote out a list of the countries we have already been to, and our travels have taken us to just 16 countries. On top of the travel we have done together, I have visited another 8 countries, Darren another 4. It turns out we’ve each only visited about 10% of the countries in the world.

Countries Darren and I have visited

That means, there are still another 180 countries we still need to explore! I hope one day, we too can approach 100 countries visited, and perhaps extend that to ALL countries in the World! Thank you, Julie, for inadvertently setting us a challenge! The first step – to get to 20 countries together by 2015….

Countries Darren & I have visited together:

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