Downing Tools – A Few Days Rest With New Friends

When we bought our new home in Spain we were pretty lucky.  Not only did we find (what will be!) a pretty home with wonderful views in a vibrant town, we also found an incredibly nice estate agent.  Since meeting Mireia, we have had the pleasure of spending quite a few evenings going out for dinner, not only with Mireia, but also with her friends, and partner Oscar too.   We’ve even met up in London.

When Mireia invited us to join her and Oscar in their holidays to explore some of the towns closer to home, we of course said yes.  Last week, we downed tools and had a wonderful couple of days.

Day 1: Moraira & Altea

On Thursday, we started the day visiting the seaside town of Moraira.

Moraira, Spain

After a walk along the beach, we set of for the beautiful town of Altea.  We wandered up through the intricate streets, and were afforded with such a beautiful view.  We could see the high-rises hotels of Benidorm  in the distance.

Beautiful views in Altea, Spain

After stopping for a drink at one of the bars, we walked back to the marina.  Mireia asked a local pharmacist  for a restaurant recommendation, and she advised us to try Hotel San Miguel for their paella.  It was a good shout.  We shared a typical fish paella and it was delicious.

Paella at San Miguel Hotel, Altea

As we have been so flat our with our renovations, we were pretty knackered after all the walking, so we came home fairly early.  It was a good job.  Friday was no rest day, either!

Day 2: Denia

The next morning, we met Mireia and Oscar in Pego and drove our bikes to El Verger (or Vergel as is it otherwise known) and set off on a bike ride to Denia.  Now, I’m no pro when it comes to cycling, and I haven’t been on any type of bike since the crazy French man drove his 4×4 into the back of us in Thailand,  so I was a little nervous when we set off .  But Spanish drivers – gee, they are so courteous to cyclists!  It’s also law to leave 1.5 meters space between motor vehicles and bikes.  I soon felt much more relaxed.

Cycling in Denia

Our ride took us through little Spanish towns, field upon field of orange groves and alone the marin and sea front in Denia.  After an hour and a half we had (slowly) riden 10 miles to Mount Montgo.  It was a beautiful place to stop, and listen to the waves crash against the shore.

Mount Montgo, near Denia, Spain

We had another 10 miles to go though.  Cycling back to Denia we stopped in our favourite restaurant, Al Forn for something to eat.  Only the kitchen was closed for an hour.  After practicing our Spanish and Oscar and Mireia’s English speaking skills over a drink, an hour quickly passed and we ordered the biggest lunch I have ever eaten!

After crisps and olive nibbles, bread and aioli came.  Next huge plates each of muscles, prawns, croquettes,  deep fried fish and salad arrived.  If I thought I had time to be full, I was mistaken. Four 12 inch pizzas arrived.  And deserts.  And then coffee.

Making the meal last a good couple of hours helped ensure I wasn’t sick.  And taking half my pizza home was probably a good move, too.  It was was still a pretty long cycle from Denia.  Especially if you’ve washed said lunch down with red wine….

Cycling in Denia, Spain

We had a lovely couple of days.  But the pizza needed burning off.  The next rest we have now will be once we get home.  And boy, how I am looking forward to getting home for a nice shower with unlimited hot water! uses affiliate links to help with the running of this site. If you purchase an item recommended by this website we may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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