London Marathon Inspiration

For years, it’s been a dream of mine to run a marathon.  Like many Brits this has specifically been to complete in the Virgin London Marathon.   Six years ago I was running 10 miles at least three times a week.   I had a space on the Eastleigh 10km, and the Portsmouth Great South Run.  I was looking for my first marathon place.  And then, a nasty fall from a ski lift meant that all my training came to an abrupt halt.

Since then, I’ve struggled to be able to run any distance.  Even far enough to run for a pee.

Today, like most years, I’ve sat in awe, watching the BBC commentary of the Virgin London Marathon.  I’ve sat watching and dreaming that I could 1) get a place (I have applied most years in the past 10 even when I’ve know that my running has been far short of the desired effect) and 2) that I could run far enough to even be deemed credible in reaching this life long ambition.

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Still, marathon fever has hit.  I am desperate to get back in to running.  So, I have used todays marathon inspiration to sign up to the Great South Run.

OK.  It’s not the GSR that I originally planned to run 6 years ago.  I’m more than aware that I cant manage long distances even after all this time.  Which is rubbish.  Instead, I’ve signed up for the 5km version.

The run is on October 21st, so I now have 6 months to get my broken bum bone into shape and get my fundraising sorted.  I’ll be running for MyAware, who are an awesome charity raising funds and awareness for Myasthenia Gravis.  If you feel inclined, a few pennies will go a long way here: KickMyArse Fundraising Page. uses affiliate links to help with the running of this site. If you purchase an item recommended by this website we may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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