What a difference a week can make!

In the week since I last updated my blog, balance has been restored in Pego, and our renovation is back on track with a new sense of enthusiasm.  No longer do we feel lost and overwhelmed at the extent of the project we have bought ourselves, and we can finally see a sense of direction in turing this horrid house into a stunning home. 

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In the hope of seeing some results, we decided last week to concentrate on the terrace and family bathroom.  The week began with Darren and Gary knocking down and rebuilding the horrid decorative wall and rendering the entire terrace.  After I painted the walls white, the terrace began to look like an entirely different area and it even seemed to change the view.

Roof Terrace before renovation

darren rebuilding terrace wall | metcalfememoir.co.uk

Rendering the wall

spanish roof terrace renovation | metcalfememoir.co.uk

As we made a start on the family bathroom, the flimsy wall separating the kitchen and bathroom was pulled down.  However, it soon became apparent that the external wall was in no fit state to take the weight of the nice new window which had been delivered.  We smashed this wall out before it fell out.

bathroom before Spanish townhouse renovation | metcalfememoir.co.uk

smashing out external bathroom wall | metcalfememoir.co.uk

Then we realised that the wall below it downstairs wasn’t up to much up to much, so that came out, too, together with the original ‘kitchen’.  Loosing the wall downstairs gave living room so much light, so we decided that wall will stay down, and we will create an inside outside undercover seating area.

knocking down walls on our spanish renovation | metcalfememoir.co.uk

The external wall for the bathroom was rebuilt, and we blocked up the downstairs kitchen doorway which will now form part of the new ensuite for our annexe suite.  After 6 days of hard graft, Sunday was a day of rest – we didn’t get out of bed till gone 1!

rebuilding bathroom wall | metcalfememoir.co.uk

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At the beginning of the week, we were still sleeping in the dusty bomb site.  We came to realise that the house is now a building site and it wasn’t doing us any good staying there.  On Wednesday, we moved in temporarily with my mum and step dad, which means we are now well fed and watered and washed.  It means we start a little later but are set up of the day with a hearty breakfast.

It also means that prioritising the bathroom has gone out of the window.  Instead, we are smashing down all the walls and floors we no longer want, and getting the dirty and dusty work done.  This week, we are continuing with the roof terrace and the courtyard is being rendered (all three storeys of it).  Our bedroom will soon be minus a wall, and the stable will be missing an entire floor.  I have a feeling the bathroom and kitchen will get a bit of a smashing in, too!

We are much more focused on what we need to be doing to get the house anywhere near comfortable and inhabitable, and as you can probably see from the pictures we’re definitely getting somewhere.

Oh, and yes, we are still speaking to each other….

Thank goodness!

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