Home Renovation Inspiration: Braeside Road

Our 8th renovation project is currently under way so I have been busy scouring the internet for renovation inspiration and ideas!  Braeside Road is three bedroom semi-detached property in Southampton.  Like Thorold Road, it’s another repossession which needs a lot of work.  This time however, we aren’t living in the property so we have a tighter time scale and budget to renovate.  We’re hoping to get it completed in just 8 weeks.

Braeside Road backs onto a river, and this has influenced our colour scheme of blue, white and grey. This is the ideas and inspiration I have for this home renovation project.

Kitchen Inspiration:

We’ve decided to choose something a little bit more colourful for this renovation project – after all we’ve already installed black, white and grey kitchens!  I’ve seen this photo pop up a lot on interest and really like the two-tone kitchen:

Two Tone Kitchen Inspiration jpg

Image Source: www.klikk.no

Ikea currently has a range called Kallarp which comes in mint and turquoise.  Having already decided to use the mint in Pego, I didn’t want to install an identical coloured kitchen here too.  Instead we’ve decided to mix things up a bit and install our first ever two-tone kitchen!  We’re going turquoise on the bottom and blue on the top.  The little space is a similar layout to the Ikea showroom set up below, but with an addition of the sink to the right and an external wall enclosing the room.  I’m really excited to see how it works out!

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Bathroom Inspiration:

After seeing an advert on TV for soak.com, I fell in love with some of their freestanding baths. Sadly, the bathroom on this home renovation project is too small for a four piece bathroom suite, and despite a whole lot of effort it was impossible to find a nice way to have a freestanding bath with shower overhead.

So,  we’ve decided to go for the Belfort bathroom suite.  And by choosing the slightly shorter bath tub we’ve been able to rearrange the bathroom to make it look more spacious.  This is the suite we’ve bought:

Bathroom Inspiration: Belfort Bathroom Suite

Bedroom Inspiration:

Each of our bedroom spaces get more and more minimal as our renovations go on.  We’ve been tossing up the plan of sticking to our no-fail formula of off white walls and white / cream bedroom furniture with changing it by adding the addition of grey colours to the walls.  We’re still not quite sure, but I really love these minimal bedroom spaces.

Braeside Road looks set to be the most colourful renovation we have done to date, but it will still be minimal.  I can’t wait to share the progress in a few weeks.  But for the time being, check out the project in my previous posts: Renovation 8 Begins: Braeside Road and Braeside Road: Week 1 Progress

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