Feeling Overwhelmed

After our 1600 mile drive from England to Spain, we arrived at Villa Martin (my mummy’s house) and stayed for a couple of days to rest and catch up upon work from the UK.  After two nights, we packed up and head back to make a start on Project Pego, but its taken us a good few days to get anywhere.  Motivation has been fairly low in the camp this week – we’re feeling overwhelmed.

What the hell have we bought?

Just a few days ago, we likened ourselves to those on A Place in the Sun.  We’ve bought ourselves the biggest project we can afford.  Its far bigger than any of our other five renovations (Thorold Road being the closest but still tiny in comparison).  Every time we look around we see something else that needs doing.  And something else breaks or stops working. (I think the whole house is down to 2 light bulbs).  It’s reminiscent of our arrival in April!

See blog post: Oh, F#*k -what have we bought

We’ve had a huge sense of drowning in the project this week, but morale is on the up!

So, whats the plan?

We had planned this trip to get the main upstairs room done.  Fitting new windows, plasterboarding the walls, first fix, 2nd fix, painting, tiling and installing my dream kitchen.  But for our this visit, just over a  month, it seems a tall order.  Very tall in fact.  There is almost no way that we can do all of that in a matter of weeks.  It’s this space that needs doing….

Pego Kitchen Area before renovation

After (almost) finishing the roof on our last visit, which in most respects is an unseen improvement, we’ve decided we need to see changes.  Having an area that has obvious changes is no doubt going to be a good moral booster. Having one nice, clean and comfortable area which we can enjoy is a must.  So, we’re going to work on the roof terrace.

A New Roof Terrace

Better still, my Step Dad is coming to help for a few days to get us a bit further on.  He’s already been and talked Darren into smashing down the ugly terrace wall which we did on Saturday.  Today, as Darren rebuilds said wall, Gary is helping us with some rendering.  I will be chief brick passer and tea maker.

A trip to the local DIY stores and a few hours browsing pinterest has helped me design (in my opinion) a pretty cool roof terrace.  It will cost a little more than we intended to spend, but Spain has year long good weather, so we will certainly be making good use of the space.  And having somewhere clean to relax will be a godsend.

Roof terrace before the renovation

A Family Bathroom

Talking about getting clean, the next project after the roof terrace will now be a bathroom. No longer can we put up with the bathroom we have.  I’m sick of flushing the toilet with a bucket.  Of my feet feeling more dirty than clean getting out of the shower.  (I also desperately need some towels that dry me properly)

So this trip we will be doing none of the things that we planned.  But we should have a couple of really nice areas done, which should make the prospect of the rest of the project a little more bearable.

So this Monday morning, fuelled with a coffee and a ridiculously sugary Belgium waffle, I’m feeling far less overwhelmed than a few days ago.  In fact, I’m feeling pretty excited!
Updates will follow soon 🙂

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