Month Three: An update of progress at ‘Project Pego’

Month three of Project Pego.  Wow! Our Spanish townhouse renovation has been hard going this trip.  When we arrived just over four weeks ago I though I was going to have a full on melt down.  We’d just come back to Spain after spending the summer in our  clean, warm flat in Southampton.  Chilling out.  Going to festivals.  Visiting friends and family.

We arrived in Pego after a long drive from the UK  via France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland (our 30th country visited!) and soon remembered just what sort of project we had let ourselves in for.

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Our original plan to concentrate on the main living.  Then we decided to make the terrace nice and fit the family bathroom.  But, as ever, the plans changed.

In the past four weeks, the house has completely changed.  The terrace has had a lot of work done to it, and although not finished, it looks a million miles from the drab, dilapidated, and leaking space that it was. Original Terrace

terrace waterproofed

The family bathroom now has a new external wall (how the original ever lasted is beyond us) with a new window.  The internal wall is gone – it took less than a minute to completely remove all trace!

Downstairs, the hideous courtyard wall has been rendered.  Gee what a difference that has made.  All three other external walls on the courtyard have been amended, too.  We’ve removed a set of doors from one side which we wont be replacing, and blocked another which will form the new wall of the downstairs ensuite.  The upper stable wall has been rebuilt with a huge space for patio doors which will now be part of the master bedroom suite.

Talking of master bedroom.  I am going to be like a princess!  We knocked the wall down adjoining the original large bedroom and stable to create one humongous space.  I’m pretty excited about this room.  And yes, I have already drawn the furniture in its space.  And a vase of flowers…. As well as knocking down the wall, we pulled down the original ceiling ready to replace next time, and rebuilt the floor in the stable before the termites ate it into a pile.

10 week progress on our spanish home renovation

If that wasn’t enough, tiles have been flying off thewall in the kitchen, bathroom and from the ‘skirting boards’ around the other rooms and up the stairs.

removing tiles - progress at month three of our spanish home renovation

Here’s a video of our progress at month three.  It’s a bit of a blurry quality this time (not sure why) and I sniff a few too many times (sorry – we’ve been quite poorly this last week) but it’s incredible the progress we’ve made this month!  I honestly didn’t think this would be the case four weeks ago!  Thanks mum & Gary for helping us 🙂

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