Project Pego: Progress at Month 5

It’s time for another video update on our progress in Pego; this time our renovations at month 5.  In the last week we have finally started to see the house taking on a bit of shape. It’s a great feeling!

Renovating our Spanish town house has been incredibly hard work.  Except from a few extra hands from my step dad, which we are super thankful for, we have done all the work so far by ourselves.

Master Bedroom & Ensuite at Month 5

The master bedroom and ensuite are nearing completion – there may not be any electricity or water wired up yet, but you cant see that from the photos 😉  We have a small issue with planning permission (or lack thereof) for the window, but hopefully its nothing a small donation to the local church cant sort out…

Pego Master Bedroom Progress

Guest Bedroom at Month 5

We’ve now started on the second bedroom; new walls have been constructed and the first fix is done.  Now that we know what we’re doing, we’re hoping it will only take a couple of weeks when we return for our guest room to be ready….

Courtyard & Stable at Month 5

The stable and courtyard have also had a little bit of work done to them.  I’ve painted as high as I can possibly reach on the walls, we’ve knocked down all but 3 of the stairs, and we now have bird proof netting to limit our feathered friends taking route for a third nesting season!

I am a super tired chief passer and super cleaner; and Darren is a worn out actual master of all sorts of trades, so we’re looking forward to a few days break which will see us visit Pamplona and Bilbao before enjoying the summer back in the UK.  Heres hoping the beautiful weather we have see on the news is still around next week!

VIDEO: Project Pego – Month 5 Progress

Here is the video of our progress at month 5.  Let us know what you think of our renovation for far in the comments box below!

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