Oh, F#*K. What have we bought?

What have we brought - our spanish town house renovationPicking up the keys to our new house from our estate agent, excitement was at a peak.  After our long drive from the UK, I was dying to get into the house, and have a good look at the huge project we had taken on.

As I skipped around, looking at the great big house which was all ours, Darren seemed to be trailing behind.  As my mind whirled with ideas and plans to make this house a home, it appears Darren’s mind was racing with just one thing.  One word.  F#*k!

High on adrenaline, I was ready to start clearing the house of junk, and clean the years of dust and grime to make it more liveable, but Darren couldn’t quite handle the thought of attacking ‘Project Pego’ and in a mini melt down, we had to leave before we started!

Here’s a video I took a couple of days later of the house we have bought.

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