Ibiza: 2 Night Getaway to the White Isle

Darren has been harping on about going to Ibiza forever.  Ask him, and he’ll tell you it’s been ‘his life dream for 40 years’.  So, to coincide with the arrivals of the Baileys for the 3rd Annual Metcalfe/Bailey holiday and Darren’s imminent birthday, I booked a surprise trip to the White Isle.

Only, I did have to let him know the week before.  After all, Darren would be driving us to the airport at silly o’clock….

Our flight left Alicante at 6am, and we arrived in Ibiza before 7am.  The hardcore amongst the visitors to Ibiza were still downing their beers and walking back to their hotels rather wide eyed.  After a 2am start, our eyes very much needed to be widened, so after dropping our bags at Ibiza Rocks, the hotel we had booked for the next two nights, we set off in search of a well needed coffee.

Darren in Ibiza

ed and watered, we went off in search of the beach, quickly finding ourselves on the infamous Sunset Strip.  None of the cafes or bars on the front were yet open, even for breakfast, but we had a nice walk along the seafront, until the morning sun got too hot to bare.  It was time to find a swimming pool. And beer.

Cafe Mambo, Ibiza

Ibiza Rocks Hotel Cuckoo Land Pool Party

Although staff at Ibiza Rock hotel were happy for us to check in early, our rooms weren’t ready, so instead we changed into our swimsuits (or in my case, my sisters pretty one which I pinched for the occasion) and found ourselves sun loungers close to the bar.

After a couple of hours and a good few beers, the Cuckoo Land pool party began, giving us the perfect excuse to stay in the pool and cool down.

I’ld like two say that we then head off to one of the really cool clubs in Ibiza, and partied till really late.  In reality, 18 hours of being awake, lots of beer and 30 odd degree and a lack of food made sure we were all in bed by 10…

Sunbathing in Ibiza Rocks at Cuckoo Land Pool Party

Posing at Ibiza Rocks Hotel

Sunset Strip, San Antoni de Portmany

Most of the 2nd day of our trip to Ibiza centred around the Sunset Strip.  We started our morning with a lovely breakfast at Cafe Mambo, which we finished off with a complimentary glass of bubbles, giving us plenty of energy to wander around the shoreline, and the excuse we needed to start on the beers early.

Breakfast at Cafe Mambo, Ibiza

We passed many of the hotels and bars we hear so often advertised on the Ibiza Global radio station we love, and knew then we would definitely need to come back to the beautiful island of Ibiza.  And soon.

Group snap at Ibiza Rocks

Chilling on a unicorn at Ibiza Rocks Hotel

After a few hours back by the pool, we head back to the beach, and found ourselves a spot to watch what will probably become the best sunset of 2017.

The popular sunset at Sant Antoni de Portmany

Sunset at San Antoni Ibiza

Sunset at Cafe del Mar, Ibiza

Sunset in Sant Antoni de Portmany


Sunset Strip, Ibiza

It was an incredible evening, and true to form everybody clapped at the disappearance of the sun.

Two days in Ibiza really wasn’t enough for us.  Despite partying at Ibiza Rocks, we didn’t actually make it  to a proper club to party.  So, I’m already looking at booking our next visit.  And a stay at Ushuaia is right up there at the top of the list!


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