#TBT: The Blue Mountains, Australia

We visited the Blue Mountains National Park in Australia back in 2006 during our round the world trip.  The Blue Mountains were so peaceful – we barely saw another person during the few days we were there.  Here are some photos of our wonderful stay which found us exploring this beautiful UNESCO.  We spent our time exploring in the Wicked camper van we hired.  Long before the invention of the ‘self-stick’ there was a lot of tri-pod action going on here.  There are probably the most pictures of the two of us together the world has ever seen.

And yes, we did both buy matching hoodies because it was bloody cold, and we had just arrived from Asia where it was very very hot!

The Three Sisters Blue Mountains, Australia

The Blue Mountains Australia

The Blue Mountains Australia

The Blue Mountains

the Blue Mountains, Australia

The Blue Mountains


Aboriginal hand prints in the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains Australia

Wildlife in the Blue Mountains


Wallaby in the Blue Mountains, Australia

Wallaby Fight. The Blue Mountains National Park, Australia

Kookaburra in the Blue Mountains, Australia

Red parrot in the Blue Mountains, Australia

Blue Mountains

Hopefully we get a chance to head back to the Blue Mountains next month when we fly back to Australia to visit Tom!

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Edited to add:  We’ve since been back.  Read about it on my new post: Finally visiting Tom in Sydney.

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