The Bailey’s come to visit

We hadn’t seen Hayley & Simon since our trip to Croatia last June, so the now annual Metcalfe/Bailey holiday was the perfect chance to catch up.  Our house was in no fit state for guests, so we spent the 10 days they stayed in Pego at Mums villa, making full use of the pool, cooking facilities and large wine rack!

I actually didn’t take many photographs of our little holiday, but here are the best of a fairly blurry bunch!

The Baileys Come To VisitPegowatching the football in pegoDrinks in Casino Bar, PegoFull moon in PegoRuins in La Vall D'eboCova Del RullLa Vall d'ebo uses affiliate links to help with the running of this site. If you purchase an item recommended by this website we may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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