Billy Elliott, Mayflower Theatre, Southampton

I’ve wanted to watch the Billy Elliott musical almost forever!  I love the film and I’ve been waiting for the   opportunity to head to the theatre for a long time.  To make sure I saw it this year, I added watching Billy Elliott to my 30 in 30 bucket list.  When I saw that it was coming to the Mayflower, I dropped some pretty big hints until Darren picked them up.

A few days before Darren came home from Spain, he emailed me confirmation of the ticket he had bought us.  To get the best seat we went on a school night.  Our Wednesday evening dress circle tickets had a fab view.  We were as central as you could get, only 6 rows back, I even sat behind a short person!

Billy Elliott the Musical was incredible.  I’ve never been to a show thats brought out so many emotions from me.  I laughed and I cried – really streaming tears.  My feet tapped the entire show, and all the way home.  I woke up he next day with aching legs, so no doubt I was dancing away in my sleep all night, too!

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